Career Design in Dentistry (CDD) was started by six dentists who looked back on their careers and realized how much opportunity they missed because they did not know how to plan their careers nor where to go to find help in planning their careers. Our courses and workshops are carefully structured to provide foundation education from world class faculty in all of the things that you are NOT taught in dental school but which ultimately make or break your career. The right decisions require knowing what information is needed for excellent decision-making, how to understand that information and how to obtain it if you don't have it. Some of the topics that CDD will cover in its courses and workshops are:

  • motivating employees
  • when and how to grow your practice
  • successful negotiating
  • giving great presentations
  • business strategy
  • building a great practice team
  • dealing with difficult personnel issues
  • reading financial statements
  • developing your leadership skills
  • marketing your practice
  • financial planning for your retirement

Our courses and workshops are designed to utilize "Action Learning". Research shows that listening to a lecture yields poor retention of information whereas action learning which involve you in role playing or solo or team exercises increase the retention of information significantly. We want you to be able to put what you have learned into practice at your work immediately and our courses and workshops are designed to give you great information in a way that you can use that information in real life.

In addition, we offer a series of video vignettes from exceptional leaders. You can hear from them in their own words as they reflect on their careers and share with us how they have become successful as leaders. Their insights are powerful and compelling and well worth watching.

It has been said that "People spend more time planning their vacations than planning their careers." At CDD, you have a menu of choices on how to plan your career so that your dreams come true and you will look back with no regrets about untapped potential!